Global Media Journals Network


Welcome to the Academic Network of Global Media Journals!

Founded by Dr. Yahya R. Kamalipour, in 2002, the Global Media Journals network includes the following independent open-access peer-reviewed editions. Published in many languages, each edition is hosted by a major university and has its own managing editor and advisory board.

GMJ Editions Status Hosts/Sponsors
Global Media Journal: Arabian Edition Active Amity University Dubai
Global Media Journal: Australian Active  Western Sydney University
Global Media Journal: Chinese Active Tsinghua University
Global Media Journal: German Active Freie University Berlin/Germany and the University of Erfurt/Germany
Global Media Journal: Indian Active Manipal University
Global Media Journal: Persian Active University of Tehran
Global Media Journal: Russian Active Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University
Global Media Journal: Turkish Active Yeditepe University, Istanbul
Global Media Journal-Canadian Inactive Ottawa University
Global Media Journal-Mexican Inactive University of Monterrey
Global Media Journal-Malaysian Inactive University of Malaysia

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Global Media Journals Network, was founded in 2002 by Dr. Yahya R. Kamalipour and the first edition (GMJ-American) was sponsored by Purdue University Northwest (formerly Calumet) for 12 years. Since then, the GMJ Network has become a leading scholarly peer-reviewed and open-access publication with many independent and interconnected editions around the world.  In 2014, Professor Kamalipour moved from Purdue Northwest to North Carolina A&T State University where he intended to transfer the GMJ-American Edition to his new institution. But, he quickly learned that A&T State did not have the necessary IT support or resources, comparable to Purdue, to sustain the journal; consequently, he had to make the tough decision of either discontinuing the American edition or transferring it to a willing publisher.  While pondering this crucial decision, he was coincidently contacted by an OMICS representative who expressed a strong interest in hosting the GMJ-American Edition.  Shortly after, with the help of the outstanding IT staff at Purdue Northwest, the journal and its archives were transferred to OMICS, which subsequently dropped the “American Edition” and has since used the generic “Global Media Journal” brand name.

From the outset, Dr. Kamalipour intended the GMJ to be a not-for-profit open-access scholarly publication. Since OMICS is a for-profit operation and charges a fee for publishing papers, he has disassociated himself from the GMJ edition published by OMICS, which is based in India. Hence, please note that the OMICS generic edition, based in India, is NOT a part of the GMJ Network. It stands on its own and has nothing to do with the legitimate GMJ editions that continue to publish scholarly articles without assessing any fees.  Collectively, the GMJ journals, published in different languages and hosted by major universities in different countries, provide free and open access to interested individuals, graduate students, researchers, faculty, and media professionals around the globe.